Online platform about LGBTIQ+ and COVID-19 opens

4 April, 2023 - On May 2, GALE is hosting a short online information and discussion session on the RAINBO project. The project aimed to reduce the risks of LGBTIQ+ in times of COVID-19 by offering online training to health professionals. The project resulted in a (free) online training platform. The session will take place via Zoom from 16:00-17:00 and will be in Dutch. Similar meetings will be held in Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and the UK.

The session

The short meeting will start with a brief introduction about the impact of COVID-19 on LGBTIQ+ and how the RAINBO project has developed online modules to support professionals in helping LGBTIQ+. Then there will be room for questions and we will briefly discuss how we can further promote LGBTIQ+ affirmative counseling to cisgender heterosexual professionals - online or face to face.

The project

The project aimed to help professionals in Europe better assistance for LGBTIQ+ during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Therefore the project focused on both LGBTIQ+ affirmative counseling and on learning how professionals can use digital tools to work remotely. The project runs from June 2021 to May 2023 and was supported by the European Erasmus+ program.
The project produced two main outcomes:

  1. A needs assessment of the situation of LGBTQ as a result of COVID-19 and how social and healthcare professionals are responding. This was done both internationally (survey research) and specifically in the Netherlands (research with survey and interviews).
  2. Development of online modules for social and care professionals on how to use digital media to better reach LHBTIQ and because the really support them.

The online modules

The developed online platform consists of 31 units or lessons, divided in 3 modules. The first module deals with the specific risks that LGBTQ (more than others) face during COVID-19 and during lockdowns. The second module addresses the challenges social professionals face, such as learning to work more online and affirmative LGBTIQ+ counseling. The third module looks at some good examples from the participating countries (Greece, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and the UK).

Sources: registration form for the meetingand will be in Dutchmore about the project, the RAINBO website with the online modules