How to become a member

Membership is open to anyone who is actively involved in education about LGBT issues or when you are interested in it and dedicated to the goals of GALE. You can apply for membership by submitting a personal profile. Use the form under "Join us!" in the menu on the right.
All members can be active by submitting, editing or translating news, articles or by making comments to articles and on mailing lists.
We use the word “volunteer” when you commit to a volunteer position in one of the Working Groups of the Alliance. There is a range of Working Groups.

When you are looking to become active as a volunteer, have a look at the overview of the positions in the Alliance. Open positions are highlighted.

Professional Jobs

The Alliance itself does not have professional positions. All paid jobs which are created in the context of the Alliance are carried out by organizations which have a project contract with the Alliance. These projects are prepared in Strategy Groups. If your ambition is to become an LGBT education professional, join a Strategy Group and work with others to create a local or regional project.