Mailing lists and privacy

GALE works with a range of mailing lists. All newsletters and mailing lists fall under the GALE Data Protection Policy. Read our Privacy Statement

LGBT Education

LGBT Education is our EXTERNAL newsletter. It is mailed to interested partners, but can also be downloaded as pdf here.
To subscribe to LGBT Education, fill in this form.
To unsubscribe to LGBT Education, fill in your email here.

Other external mailing lists

GALE maintains other external mailing lists for project purposes. These are meant to facilitate communication between project partners.
There are project newsletter lists that are only used to disseminate project information. For these you can register and unregister yourself; the link for (un)registering of such lists can be found on the project webpage.
There are also interactive listservs for project teams. These are invited lists that are moderated by the website moderator. If you send a mail to such a list, the mail will be received by all members. The lists are protected against spam and will block mails that come from other emails than the ones that are registered. In some cases, GALE can make an archive of all messages sent through such a list in a protected environment within the website.

GALE Update

GALE Update is the INTERNAL newsletter for members. You receive this automatically when you are a member. You can ask the moderator ( to be unsubscribed without losing your membership. Alternatively, you can delete your profile which ends your membership.

Internal mailing lists

There are internal mailing lists which can only be joined by members, and which are linked to member profiles. These are moderated by the website moderator and Data Protection Officer. When members are logged in, they can see the mailing lists and working groups under the tab "groups". Requests for membership of lists or removal from mailing lists should be directed at