The mission statement shared by the GALE Foundation and the GALE Association is:

We promote the full inclusion of people who are Disadvantaged because of their Expression of Sexual Preference Or Gendered Identity (DESPOGI) by identifying, enhancing and sharing educational expertise.


  1. The GALE Association organizes a learning process and a learning community
  2. The GALE Association stimulates her members and partners to take part in her mission
  3. The GALE Association aims to make methods more effective and to develop high impact strategies


  • The GALE Association recruits members to broaden the community and to have a high impact dissemination
  • The GALE Association starts local strategic education committees (or GALE Committees) which stimulate and develop high impact strategies
  • The GALE Association starts learning activities by discussions on forums and through mailing lists
  • The GALE Association initiates development projects to develop and test new interventions and strategies
  • The GALE Association delegates the management of projects to the GALE Foundation and other partners, the facilitation of discussions is done by volunteers
  • The members of the GALE Association are involved in projects and use the GALE platform and tools to describe and disseminate their learning experiences and products
  • The GALE Association advises the GALE Foundation on strategy and funding