Right to Education

The Global Alliance for LGBT Education carries out a continuous mapping of the implementation of the Right to Education for LGBTI students. We developed a short survey with 29 questions: the GALE Checklist Survey for Experts. This political survey maps the level of implementation of the right to education in your country. The background of the survey is explained in our publication Advocate for Sexual Diversity Education. Suggestions for possible action are offered in the "GALE Committee Guide".

If you are not an expert, but would like to contribute to our mapping, you can better fill in the GALE Survey for Students. This surbey has 30 questions an you can fill it in within 15 minutes. It asks questions about your school life in high school, vocational training or university.

The results are published on the GALE World Map (see homepage). When you click on a country, you will find a factsheet about that State. Regularly, we also publish a list of how States score and a report. The function of this monitor is to create a dialogue between LGBTI activists, the authorities and the education sector. Dialogue and cooperation between these actors is the most effective way to improve the situation in schools.

Strategic action: GALE Committee Guide

Just filling in a survey will not change anything. GALE stimulates the creation of national or local GALE Committees which aim to improve education policies in a strategic way. In May 2017, we published a guide for this: the "GALE Committee Guide"

International policy: the No Bullying Coalition

Currently, GALE leads an international exploration find out how civil society can strategically operate to stimulate and support UN priorities on LGBTI issues in education. A growing number of NGOs is taking part in this No Bullying Coalition.

Other useful resources: report UNESCO "Out in the Open" 2016, Call of Ministers for Inclusive Education 2016 and the UNESCO strategy 2017-2021.

Under the other submenu's you can read more our current general ideas about strategic action:

  • Organize yourself: how to create a strategic education committee.
  • Do research: how to find the facts on which you can base a strategic plan.
  • Act strategically: how to develop a strategic plan and concrete actions, based on the facts. And how to monitor whether your plan actually does what you want.

In the summer of 2016 we will publish a full guide on how to organization a strategic education committee of GALE Committee.