GALE Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is responsible for developing the GALE strategy worldwide. The members of the Advisory Board are:

  1. Violeta Barrientos (Peru)
  2. Abha Bhaiya (India)
  3. Margerita Graglia (Italy)
  4. Toni Reis (Brazil)
  5. Stefan Timmermanns (Germany)
  6. Daniel Witthaus (Australia)
  7. Rauda Morcos (Israël)
  8. Eliza Byard (USA)

The strategic plans and working plans are publicly visible under the left menu: "About us" ->
This webspace is a working area for the members of the Advisory Board itself. The contact for the Advisory Board is the Executive Director, Peter Dankmeijer.

FOR THE BOARD MEMBERS: enter the protected pages.

Members of the Advisory Board mailing list

There are more members on the mailing lists than there are in the board. Non board members are on the list for information purposes.

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