Voice OUT - May 31, 2019

In 2011-2012, an international partnership developed a "game" for secondary schools students focussed on media, diversity and LGBT issues.The "game" consists of interactive lessons for 6 tot 12 weeks which the teacher of trainer can tailor to the youth group. The "game" is directed towards the production of a mini-campaign to promote human rights by using media. The minimum product is a human rights video commercial. The game end with a contest between the teams who worked on mini-campaigns and an award for the best video (and campaign).

School visitation by students - May 05, 2018

The Gay OK school visitation method was developed in Dutch schools. The method “Gay OK youth teams” consist of a group of students who are dedicated to LGBTI acceptance in education. With cooperation of school management, the youth teams use the manual to conduct sexual diversity conversations, workshops, surveys, and other methods to promote LGBTI visibility and acceptance in education.

Different in more ways than one - June 29, 2015

Here you will find the manual “Different in More Ways Than One: Providing Guidance for Teenagers on Their Way to Identity, Sexuality and Respect” which was made in 2004 by a European project-team called “TRIANGLE” (Transfer of Information to Combat Discrimination Against Gays and Lesbians in Europe), consisting of representatives from five countries. The team set out to develop a manual for educators and counsellors on how to deal with lesbian, bisexual and gay issues in multicultural contexts.