School visitation by students method translated from Dutch to English

26 April 2018 - While the Gay OK sexual diversity method is currently being implemented in Dutch schools, the manual has finally been translated into English so it can be accessible to various educational instructors and institutions around the world. Gay OK youth teams consist of a group of students who are dedicated to LGBTI acceptance in education. With cooperation of school management, the youth teams use the manual to conduct sexual diversity conversations, workshops, surveys, and other methods to promote LGBTI visibility and acceptance in education.

Introductory Appointments and School Workshops (Steps 1-3)

First, with the help of school management, introductory appointments strategize how to organize and implement a Gay OK team in the desired educational institution. The second step includes a sexual diversity workshop that administers quizzes to assess student knowledge of and attitude towards sexual diversity, then further discussion about the topic ensues. With a separate quiz, step three employs a school-change workshop to assess student attitudes of the school (including safety), followed by conversation and a card game promoting and exercising the ability to achieve goals.

Class Surveys, School Visitation, and Follow-Up (Steps 4-7)

After the first three steps, surveys about LGBTI acceptance are conducted in at least 6 classes to determine student opinion on sexual diversity. Then within school visitation, the Gay OK team determines the key problems of the school regarding sexual diversity and possible solutions. The findings of the school visitation are later discussed in the follow-up consultation with school management and finally, the results and recommendations of the Gay OK method are recorded and implemented.

Chloe Burgin

The English translation of the method can be downloaded here.