Fatima needs advice

In “Fatima needs advice”, students are asked to give advice to Fatima, who questions her same-sex feelings and wonders about her loyalty to peers and family.

The objective of the activity is that students learn to explore their own attitudes towards sexual orientation, especially when they would be confronted personally with questioning peers.
You will know you have been effective in implementing this activity when at the end, the students show willingness to support LGBTI-students and reflect empathically on consequences of different ways to do that.
The activity takes 30-45 minutes. It is developed for students aged 13-16 years old of an intermediate level. You can read the story of Fatima out loud before student write their advice, but it may help when you hand it out as a worksheet or project it.
The activity was developed by Edu-Diverse in the Netherlands in the 1990’s. It has been updated several times, this is the GALE update from 2019.

Activity: Fatima needs advice