Dijana Uljarevic

I am in the field of non formal education and youth work for more than 6 years now, from 2003. I`ve finished A and B level of University course for leadership and developmental youth work, and got employed in Forum MNE. I worked with various groups through various projects. I worked with: main stream youth, led Youth fund group of volunteers, worked for youth from the lists of Centres for social care, youth in risks, without parents care and Roma youth. I did various trainings for youth but also for proffessionals working with young people. I am developing and realizing programs based on non-formal education, community youth work, volunteerism, youth creativity and activism. I`m supporting the development and implementation of strategies relevant for youth in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in the society and opening of youth clubs and youth info centers. Forum MNE bases all programs and activities on the principles and values of non-discrimination, tolerance, life-long learning, promoting and taking personal responsibility, transparency, optimism, pro-activity, respecting and valuing youth and active participation of youth in decision making processes. Year 2009 and 2010 has brought up certain experience in the field of gender, human rights and sexual orientation.