Sanda-Daniela Alexeiciuc

Performed services:

  • On-line counselling for youth on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights at SPFM site Visitors’ questions are answered by the gynaecologists, the dermatologist, the paediatrician and the psychologist.
  • Information Education Communication activities for the youth from the Republic of Moldova in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and to form a responsible behaviour concerning self health and the health of the people around.
  • Referral System to Family Planning centres and to the Youth Friendly Service Centres for young and adult people in the Republic of Moldova
  • Free distribution of condoms among young people.

SPFM Vision
SPFM envisions a stable society with a healthy population, where every person makes free, informed and responsible choices in respect of sexual and reproductive health, has equal access to appropriate services, and where children are wanted and gender equity and human rights, including sexual and reproductive rights, are observed and protected.
SPFM Values
SPFM believes in a healthy family living in a healthy society based on gender equity. SPFM considers sexual and reproductive health a significant, inalienable value in achieving individual and social well-being.
SPFM promotes and contributes to equal access and informed choices in the field of sexual and reproductive health to all the people, especially vulnerable, socially excluded and poor layers of the society.
SPFM Objectives
SPFM is voluntary organization aiming at improving of sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing of every individual and family living in Moldova through:

  • advocating for improved family planning and reproductive health legislation and policies, and their implementation;
  • raising awareness among the population about sexual and reproductive health and rights, especially in respect of HIV/AIDS and STIs, safe abortion and the use of contraceptives;
  • promoting and providing equal access to high quality sexual and reproductive health information and services, providing information and education on sexual-reproductive rights for all population with special focus on youth.

Adolescents – young people are empowered to make informed choices and decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health.
HIV/AIDS – people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS have access to care and treatment without discrimination and stigma.
Access – people, in particular socially vulnerable people, have access to quality information and services on SRHR (Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights).
Abortion – women have the right and access to safe abortion.
Advocacy – improved and promote laws and policies on SRH&R.
SPFM Niche:
-Youth SRH: peer education, sexual education, youth friendly services, youth participation, freedom of religion communication with parents and extended families

  • Involving boys and young men in SRHR education and services
  • SRH/FP services and information: access and quality to SRH/FP services and information for all groups of population; development and monitoring of quality SRH/FP standards; referral system for SRH/FP services and information
  • Safe abortion and post abortion care: services, information and advocacy
  • Advocacy for SRHR
  • Raising awareness and support to SRHR in communities