Margherita Graglia

Margherita is an independent psychologist and psychotherapist from Bologna, Italy. She has been active in a range of national and European projects dealing with education about LGBT issues in both the health and school settings. One of these was the TRIANGLE Project and another one is “School Matters” in which ArciGay collaborated with organizations from Spain, Austria and Poland. She also is one of the trainers in the national LGBT teacher training offered a few times a year by ArciGay, the national LGBT organization in Italy.
In collaboration and with the support of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità (National Health Institute) co-operated to the first broad research on the health of GLB people in Italy: 2084 women and 4690 men. (www.modidi.net)
She wrote "Psicoterapia e omosessualità" Carocci ed 2009 and she is the co-editor of a collection of articles addresst to psychologists/psychotherapists: "Gay e lesbiche in psicoterapia" ("Gays and lesbians undergoing psychotherapy; Raffaello Cortina ed, 2006)